To join us up on the risers, e-mail or visit a rehearsal
Tuesday nights at 7pm at St. Mary Home (291 Steele Road, West Hartford CT).


Life on a High Note!

Experience the thrill of singing with Sound of New England, an award- winning Sweet Adeline chorus whose members enjoy standing ovations for their four-part a cappella harmonies in the barbershop style.

Under the direction of Master Director Marion Devokaitis, Sound of New England performs show tunes, big band hits, jazz, beautiful ballads, and patriotic standards, all with the stunning air of choreography and costumes.

So if you like to sing, dance and perform, and want to polish your vocal production techniques and presentation skills, consider joining Sound of New England and adding a new dimension to your life.

Sound of New England has represented the North Atlantic Region of Sweet Adelines at international competitions in New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Seattle and Portland, Oregon!

To learn more about Sweet Adelines International, a musical force with nearly 23,000 members throughout the United States and fourteen other Countries, visit

Meet Our Director

Marion Devokaitis

Master Director

Marion has directed Sound of New England Chorus since its inception in 1993 and has been an active member of Sweet Adelines International for over 30 years. She is the 2019 Marge Bennett Angel Award Recipient, the highest recognition of leadership and service in the region. In addition to directing Sound of New England and coaching choruses and quartets, Marion has also sung in several quartets including One Way Fare, Just In Time, and regional champions From the Edge, Masquerade and Rainbow Express. An English major with a Masters in Education from the University of Connecticut, Marion taught fifth grade for 34 years at Canton Elementary School.

A message from Marion: "I joined Sweet Adelines to sing; directing was never in the cards. But the joy I get each week as I share my passion for barbershop harmony is unparalleled. Sound of New England is made up of loving, caring, happy women. Who wouldn't want a shot of that every week? We have grown together since our inception. This chorus is part of my extended family, and they are a large part of my life. When I stand in front of them, there is a mutual trust. They let me sculpt their sound, and I allow them the freedom to change the mold. Music is therapy. Music is fun. Music is emotion. Music is love. Music is joy! Every week I get to experience music with the Sound of New England Chorus. How lucky am I?!"